LiveAction Maintenance and Support Programs provide product maintenance owners with:

  • The benefit of "on demand" access to our ever-evolving world-class technology
  • Access to technical support resources for software and hardware support as needed
  • Clearly-defined avenues for troubleshooting, repairing and replacing hardware
  • Membership in MyPeek where ideas on product extensions and customization can be exchanged freely with peers and LiveAction engineering staff
  • Full Access to a personalized MyPeek account, where free utilities, complimentary tools, newsletters and more resources are available
  • On-line, speed-through maintenance renewal
  • Discounts on product upgrades and migrations
  • "Maintenance Owner ONLY" product promotions

Software Warranty, Maintenance and Support

When you purchase LiveAction software, you receive a 90-day warranty with your purchase. You may also choose to purchase a twelve or twenty-four month maintenance and support term for your software license(s), or make a request to purchase maintenance for longer periods of time. Maintenance and Support purchases must be made at the time of software license purchase to avoid extra fees.

90-Day Software Warranty

LiveAction’ 90-day software warranty provides assurance that the software will meet its functional specifications for a period of 90 days from the date of your purchase. If any issue with functionality arises, the registered product owner reports the anomaly to our Technical Support Group via our on-line support form. Issues reported through our web-based form are responded to within 24 hours during our normal Technical Support hours of 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST Monday through Friday.

Standard Software Maintenance and Support

When you purchase LiveAction software products, you have the option of also purchasing a maintenance and support agreement for those products. Maintenance and support agreement terms are for twelve or twenty-four months, typically, though longer terms are available upon request. If you wish to have your product maintained, a maintenance and support agreement must be purchased at the same time as your software license(s).

Your purchase of Standard Software Maintenance and Support includes the following benefits:

  • Personalized "MyPeek" account providing on-demand access to product updates, product feature enhancements, complimentary utilities, the LiveAction newsletter, special promotional offers, and more
  • Access to advanced virus and other relevant packet filters created by LiveAction engineers
  • Unlimited, priority access to live technical support resources for product and feature issues
  • Qualification for pre-release product testing
  • Discounts on cross-platform and conversion upgrades
  • Access to APIs and SDKs that allow you to customize and extend the analysis capabilities of your software as well as plug-ins created by LiveAction engineers

Maintenance and Support Fees

Maintenance pricing is a percentage of the SRP of the product for which maintenance is being purchased for the first twelve months, typically around 20%. Maintenance will always be quoted as a percentage of SRP rather than of net, or purchase, price. Purchasing twenty-four months of maintenance and support is a better option from a pricing standpoint, if you would like the longer term coverage. Pricing for maintenance terms beyond twenty-four months will be provided upon request.

Lapsed Maintenance Fees (1-90 Days Lapsed)

You may renew maintenance if your maintenance contract has lapsed for less than 90-days by paying an expired maintenance fee equal to 25% of maintenance list price in addition to a new maintenance contract. Lapsed maintenance agreements begin on the date of order.

Renewing Maintenance through Your MyPeek Account

Software maintenance contracts for eligible products may be renewed via your personalized MyPeek account. MyPeek accounts are created when you purchase any licensed software product with maintenance from LiveAction. Your MyPeek account will reflect all of your software purchases and maintenance contract dates, and provide access to a product update or upgrade as it is made available or as maintenance is purchased.

Software Updates

Software updates are available with standard maintenance agreements. Customers without maintenance may purchase software updates for 40% of the SRP of the software. New maintenance agreements may then be purchased for the updated software.

Hardware Maintenance & Support

Factory Warranty

Factory Warranty is the manufacturer’s warranty that accompanies every hardware purchase. In some cases of product failure (standard off-the shelf NIC cards, e.g.) or for troubleshooting exercises, you may have to interact directly with the manufacturer of that device rather than with LiveAction Support staff. However, in most instances of hardware failure or suspected failure, LiveAction Technical Support and Customer Services Groups will work with you to troubleshoot the issue and, if necessary, provide an RMA to have the device returned to us. Once the hardware is received by LiveAction, it is immediately passed through to the manufacturer to complete the repair or replacement. The turnaround time is dependent upon the manufacturer’s schedule. The Factory Warranty Option specifies that the end user pays for shipments to and from LiveAction. A one-year Factory Warranty is included with the purchase of hardware. A one-year extension of a standard hardware warranty may be available for some hardware, and must be paid for at the time of purchase.

Standard Hardware Maintenance and Support

Standard Hardware Maintenance provides depot-level hardware support. If you choose this option, in the case of a product failure or suspected failure, you will interact directly with LiveAction Support staff to troubleshoot the issue and, if necessary, receive an RMA to have the device returned to us for repair or replacement. Once the hardware is received by LiveAction, we will thoroughly test it in our labs, recreate and verify the problem, and either repair the device or return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. If the hardware is returned to the manufacturer, the turnaround time will be dependent upon the manufacturer’s schedule, but we will monitor the progress of return closely and provide a complete report of all warranty and repair procedures to you. The Standard Hardware Maintenance and Support Option specify that the end user pays for shipments to LiveAction, and we pay for the return trip.

LiveCapture Premium Hardware Maintenance and Support

LiveCapture Premium Hardware Maintenance extends the Standard Maintenance benefits described above to include next-day, on-site support at any global location after our Technical Support and Customer Service Groups have worked with you to troubleshoot an apparent hardware anomaly and determined that the LiveCapture has failed.