OmniPeek Plug-in Wizard

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OmniPeek Plug-in Wizard

Category : Tools

Submitted By : WildPackets

Create console plug-ins fast! The OmniPeek Plug-in Wizard is a Microsoft Developer Studio Wizard that generates source code and project files which when built produce a Peek console plug-in dll. Plug-ins run in an OmniPeek to extend its functionality in oh so many ways. All of the plug-ins on the WPDN have been created with the Plug-in Wizard.

The Peek Console Plug-in Wizard provides a variety of options which result in the generation of different types of sample code. For example, two of the options are to create sample summary stats code and to create a new tab in a capture window. The API's used by the wizard to interact with the Peek Console are written in C, and the framework that the wizard generates to route messages is written in C++.

For more information on creating plug-ins using the Plug-in Wizard, read some of the articles on the WPDN. A good place to start is the Plug-in Primer. We also have a GNU Plug-in Wizard and an OmniEngine Plug-in Wizard.

For OmniEngine Plug-ins that need a UI on the front-end for display of data and configuration, we have a special API that allows console plug-ins and engine plug-ins to send messages back and forth. Two examples of client/server plug-ins are the SNMP Adapter and the Latency Monitor . OmniPing is a source code sample of a client/server plug-in.

Visual Studio 2008 Support
OmniPeek Plug-in Wizard version 1.5 is compatible with and installs into Visual Studio 2008. Plug-ins that are developed in Visual Studio 2008 link to and therefore require the MFC version 9.0 library (mfc90u.dll). Depending on the functionality of the plug-in additional version 9.0 libraries may be required. These libraries are not shipped with any version of OmniPeek up to and including OmniPeek 5.1.

History for OmniPeek Plug-in Wizard - Jul 29, 2011
- Added DoPacketGetGPSInfo(); Get the GPS information for a specific packet. - GetWindowsVersion() recognizes Windows 7. - Project settings updated: - - Debug string is now omnipeek.exe. - - Post Build Event copy command is 32/64-bit aware. - Oct 15, 2008
- Support for Visual Studio 2008
- - Plug-ins developed in Visual Studio 2008 require version 9.0 run-time libraries to be installed. - Aug 16, 2007
- New Plug-in API's
- New XML API's
- Support for Omni 5
- Support for Visual Studio 2005 - Oct 04, 2006
The MFC dialog based Tab now uses a new class, CTabParent, to sub-class the STATIC window. It can have one child (which is set to a CTab) that it will resize in OnSize. CContext now has a pointer the CTab. - May 25, 2006
- Error Packets: check the box and your plug-in will receive error packets.
- Notifications: receive the notification created by OmniPeek and other (and your own) plug-ins when they call OnNotify(). The sample code writes notifications to a file.
- User Decodes: haven't learned the Decoder Language yet, then create your own decodes in C++. Put your code into OnUserDecode() and off you go.
- New Tab sample using an MFC Dialog instead of COM. Create your own Capture Window Tab using a standard MFC Dialog. No more registration, COM or registry clutter. (Of course its still there if you need it.)
- Unicode, Unicode, Unicode: the Debug and Release builds will always be Unicode. The ANSI (now Multi-Byte) configurations get the decorated names.
- My Capture's Window Handle: CPluginContext::GetCaptureWinodw() return's the Window handle. Its an hWnd (remember those); but you can't attach it to a CWnd, use FromHandle() instead. And we also did GetCaptureTitle() to return the Capture's Window title for you.


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